Customer testimonials

The service provided by Pat & Carmen and Devon was exemplary. They were great communicators and took good care of our dogs and house.

Bill K.

We love The Pet Elf! We have had a few dog walkers in our time with you who have all been fabulous, from Lindsay to Danielle and now Pat and Carmen. We love the flexibility to add or take away walks depending on our work schedule. Pat and Carmen are so wonderful, they take unbelievable care of George and are incredibly courteous and go out of their way to even help with basic household things like bringing inside packages. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

Sarah R.

Just writing to let you know how much we love Karla! She takes great care of our exotic pets (bearded dragon and salt water aquarium). She is very conscientious and we never have to worry when we’re away. And we really appreciate the daily updates she posts in the portal!

Case P.

I have always been so pleased and happy with the services of The Pet Elf.

My husband and I moved to Reston in June 2021, almost two years ago. I researched pet sitting services and found Pet Elf to have high marks, so called to have an introductory meeting. Karen came over and was so kind, thorough and attentive that I booked visits with Pet Elf right away. Karen and the other sitters have been just great to work with. Our cat was well cared for and I never had a moment’s concern about whether a sitter would show up or how he would be treated. Karen had most of the visits and she’s been fantastic: lovely, kind, and responsive. And she took the best photos of our cat! And she recommended the Reston Animal Hospital when I asked her for a referral to a vet.

Our cat recently passed away, and Karen was the first person I texted when we got home.

When we are ready to welcome another kitty cat into our family, you all will know and we’ll trust Pet Elf many times in the future to care for him or her.

Many thanks for all your support! We value and appreciate you!

Laura G.

We love Pat and Carmen! But better than that, both our dogs Angel and Lily adore them.  Our dogs get excited just to see them. We feel fortunate to have found them.

Linda M.

Carey did a great job. Our cats interacted with her well and they were not stressed when we got home. We’re looking forward to having Carey pet sit for us again in the future.

Julie J.

Glad I have your company to be there when I go out of the country!! I never worry.

Susan G.

Reston, VA

We want to thank Pet Elf for the wonderful service you gave us. We never worried about how Karellen was doing, he was loved and very well cared for. In addition, you were great about the many changes we made even at the last minute. We can’t thank you enough for being there.

Carrie J.

Reston, VA

I want to provide feedback about Pat and Carmen.  They are truly wonderful cat sitters.  I really feel like the truly care about my kitties well being.  We are having trouble getting our mature female to accept a new kitten.  She seemed more confident after we returned from our vacation.  It is obvious the gave her much love and attention, in addition to getting the kitten played out a bit.

Linda G.

Herndon, VA

I want to let you know how grateful I am for Karla’s very kind and competent help when she came to give medication to my cat, Bella. She could not have been more wonderful.  It is such a comfort of know you all are there when one feels so much in need.

Thank you!

Ellen G

Reston, VA

You guys have been awesome to work with, truly. I could travel and know my pets were in good hands.

Allison D.

Reston, VA

Thank you very much! I’m so thankful that we found Lisa and The Pet Elf because it gave us great peace of mind to be able to travel, knowing that our cats were so well cared for. Lisa left us a daily note, and she gave the cats a lot of TLC as well as fresh food and water — also little gifts for the cats and wonderful pictures of the cats for us. A million thanks! We’ll be traveling again in 2020 and will definitely be in touch with you again!

Melissa A.

Reston, VA

Other than our closest friend we trust Pet Elf to take care of our kitty. Their rates are more than reasonable for the care and kindness they show. Danielle is wonderful, our Karellen liked her right off, she is a true loving cat lady. while we were gone our storm door blew open and broke, she was kind enough to tie it back for us. She also sent photos everyday with an update. Pet Elf is very professional, their client website very innovative and easy to use. We would never put our guy in a kennel where they keep your pet in a cage 23 hours a day and then charge extra for more than an hour of free time. A kennel setting would depress him so we have always kept him at home. It has been difficult to find a friend during holidays abroad so when a friend recommended Pet Elf we felt good. After talking, meeting and settings things up we felt very confident that our boy would be safe, well cared for, and we were right. We will never use any other service, we will always use Pet Elf. If you love your pet as we do, and hate the idea and setting of a kennel then contact Pet Elf, you will be glad you did

Carrie J.

Reston, VA

Thank you so much for being such a great company to care for my cats. I’m so happy I found you 🙂 I appreciate the peace of mind so much while we are away.

Lynn O.

Reston, VA

Thank you and Pat and Carmen continue to be awesome! Look forward to having them back soon.

Susan G.

Reston, VA

Karen did a GREAT job.  She updated us with each visit, left detailed notes for us, and kept the house clean.  The biggest difference was [our cat].  He was never crying or upset as he had been with our prior trips and he was much calmer and more relaxed when we got home than he had ever been in the past.  Thank you and please thank Karen again for us.


Herndon, VA

Better Than a Good Neighbor!

These days, we expect the various extra touches a pet care service provides: watering plants, taking in mail, changing lighting, as well as all things pet-related. But the Pet Elf does all this and may go way beyond. When my house was flooded – I was at sea – they contacted my insurance company and assisted my church in performing the rescue of downstairs belongings and carpet removal. They could never guarantee such service, but they were the “good neighbor” my former insurance company turned out not to be.

Riley R.

Reston, VA

Lulu was in a happy mood and really appreciate the excellent care and text communication from Dana and Nadya. Especially appreciate Dana’s extra efforts to address the surprise ant issue!

Terri F.

Reston, VA

I’d also like to tell you how helpful Karen has been.  She is very thoughtful in taking care of the dog and the house.  I really appreciate all she has done.

Jody P.

Herndon, VA

Carmen and Pat are fantastic! And, went above and beyond.  I had a freight delivery which they helped me with (an it was snug in my garage when I got home. The [cleaning service] let one of my cats outside and neglected to tell anyone. Carmen and Pat diligently looked for [her] and she eventually showed up at the front door.  The [cleaning service] also blew a breaker that my Pet Elves resolved; my Pet Elves also identified and turned off a persistently running toilet.  It was quite the week!

And, my cats were soooo Happy when I got home!  Even [the cat] who struggles with constipation.  And they put Miralax in his food once a day as requested.

OMG, I could not have had a relaxing return from my vacation without them!

Thank you Carmen and Pat!!!!!

Linda G.

Herndon, VA

Thank you!  I REALLY appreciate his help…my stress level about my commute and work hours has gone way down, knowing that [my dog] is being taken care of!

Jennifer A.

Reston, VA

Kim!!! You guys are incredible!Karen is super awesome!!!!

Fahad A.

Herndon, VA

Nikki and Elise took wonderful care of Haggis as well as our plants. We had the pleasure of meeting Nikki, she is such a sweetheart, kind, caring, loving & outgoing and very professional. We didn’t get to meet Elise but I am sure she is just as lovely. Haggis is happy and content and we can tell he was well taking care of.

Sabine R.

Ashburn, VA

Thank you all for the great service. The dogs loved Carol. They told me so.

Ann Y.

Herndon, VA

We SO appreciate you, Karen, and the rest of your staff.  SO wish a lot of other service companies and businesses we deal with were as considerate, efficient, and just plain nice as you all are!  It’s been a frustrating week in dealing with an on-line pet prescription company, so it has been a nice breather working with all of you!

JoAnn S.

Reston, VA

Kimberly and Greg have been a true godsend this summer.  And with [travel] coming up in the winter, we’ll need them more than ever. We definitely couldn’t survive without them and, of course, Pet Elf!

Betsy P.

Vienna, VA

You guys are awesome. Thanks for your assistance.

Chris B.

Reston, VA

Chris and I thought Karen did a great job watching our cats Prince, Princess, and Ellie while we were on travel last week and the week before.  I put a new review for Pet Elf on Yelp giving her 5 stars.

Thanks again to Karen for her excellent care, we will call again the next time we’re on travel!

Sarah P.

Reston, VA

I wanted to let you know what a special sitter Karen is and what a great job she did staying with my cats for 10 days. We came home to very happy pets and the house was immaculate.  I will definitely use Karen again. Thanks so much.

Alice T.

Great Falls, VA

Dana is wonderful! My dog, Kachina, sits by her window, waiting patiently for Dana’s car to drive up every Tuesday and Thursday. She squeals with delight as she charges down the stairs to greet her. I thank Dana for giving my little girl a time to have a “Girl’s Day” when they can stroll along smelling all the flowers!

Jan A.

Reston, VA

Karla is pretty spectacular…Violet was very happy, safe, splendid when we arrived home. Karla was conscientious enough to call my husband and ensure we arrived home. Because our pup is almost 16, this was outstanding. She is lovely:)

Antonella O.

Thank you again! Really appreciate you taking so much time to talk with me tonight – you’re a life saver!!!

Jessica R.

Karla rocks!  The walks are going well, and I am pleased with Karla’s care for Rocky and Cleo, as well as her expertise in dog training and behavior.  I’m so glad we found you and Karla!

Meg S.

We couldn’t make a trip like this if we didn’t have caring and reliable folks like yourselves to keep our pets safe and happy!

Toni & Joe J.

We are so grateful to The Pet Elf and especially Jennifer. Everything looks great and our pets were very well taken care of. Jennifer dealt with the storm and all the craziness that went with it perfectly….I cannot say how relieved I am to have heard about your company.

Maire M.

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness when taking care of my kids. After my first phone call to you, I felt confident that they were in good, caring hands and I was able to stop worrying and enjoy my vacation. When I got home, they were all so calm and relaxed. You’re wonderful!

Deb W.

Thank you so much for caring for Sammy & Cooper during the “Blizzard of the Century”. Your dedicated commitment gave us comfort when we were unable to get home. Thank you!

Cindy G.

Herndon, VA

We just wanted to say thanks for the extra care you gave Britney while she was recovering from her surgery. It makes us feel so much better leaving them in good hands!

Maria G.

I can’t tell you what it meant to me to know that my pet and my home were treated as if they were their own. This is a model for the way we should all treat each other. What a golden-rule world it would be if Pet Elf was in charge of it! [After Hurrican Isabel]

Riley R.

Very happy with the service provided by Karen and The Pet Elf! Thanks!

Stella M.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Pet Elf and Karen for caring for Avi. I could tell that Avi was well taken care of by Karen.

Robert F.

I was hanging out with my neighbors last weekend and they could not stop talking about how fantastic they think Rsalie is. They are retired, so they see her when she walks [the dogs]. They said she’s professional and friendly and that she is really great with all of the dogs. They think that she’s amazing!

Madeleine S.

Just a quick note to say thanks. We are thrilled with Joe and love the notes he left (they are cute)! Please tell him we will have something extra here for him when he comes in a couple weeks.

Monique M.

You go above and beyond the call of duty and we appreciate that.

Jim P.

Thank you for your great service!!!

Patti P.

Thank you so much! You always, somehow, are able to accommodate me and I think you run a fantastic business.

Madeleine S.

We wanted you to know that Rsalie did a great job with Mia and Dakota this past weekend and it’s nice to know that our pets are well taken care of by such a sweet person as Rsalie.

Claire R.

We are grateful we went with the Pet Elf. You all are fantastic.

Hilary C.

You have a real gem in Jennifer. They were well fed, well cared for, very happy and relaxed when we got home last night. She was communicative during our time away and obviously cared very much for the pups. We truly appreciated her attentiveness.

Kathy H.

Thanks again for your pet sitting services for Zack. Terri did a great job and Zack was very happy to spend the week in his own home instead of the kennel.

John T.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the arrangements you made last November for your cat sitter Karen to take care of our two cats while we made our annual 3 week trip to Florida. We were so much more relaxed on our trip knowing that our special pets were getting good care. And when we returned home, we were more than pleased to find both of our cats healthy and happy.

Toni J.

Thanks again for all the help. Jennifer was terrific. Mia was in a much better frame of mind than the last time we had to leave her somewhere.

Dan I.

My peace of mind does not come with a price tag and so it is so nice for him to have a buddy to interact with while I’m gone all day.

Rebecca M.

Just a note to say “thank you” – we so appreciate your care…They were happy and had obviously had A LOT of affection while we were gone. Because you were here, we were able to relax and enjoy our time away.

Kathy H.

I can never say thank you enough for Kimberly’s wonderful care. When I got home all three ‘buddies’ welcomed me in BUT I knew they had not missed me that much. They had been loved in my absence and that made my trip to see my parents that much easier.

Cindy C.

05/11/2012 02:11 PM